The Unpublished – Part I

As much for my own organizational purposes as for anything else, here is a list of things I have made and finished or mostly finished since 2008 that either are totally unpublished or have no permanent presence on the entire internet. This first part will focus on roleplaying games that do not require a computer to play.

Non-interactive fiction and computer games might require their own post later on. These are the things that, eventually, I want this here blog to promote/talk about/distribute. For now, though, just a simple list, a list which incidentally includes only things with substantial work completed, nothing that failed or never got off the ground. The bolded entries are projects I consider to still be alive and either actively in development or on temporary hiatus.

If you’re curious and a LARPer, all of the LARPs listed here fall into the general ‘boffer and spacket kind’ (they are all highly atypical examples, however–do not expect your standard NERO fare) except Eldritch.

Clockwork – A Steampunk Mystery LARP (Incomplete)
Splinter – A Roleplaying Game Spanning Two Worlds (Incomplete)

The Gran Grimoire – A Dark Fantasy LARP ( Incomplete)
The Last Day – LARP (Complete)

Phantasm(2010) – A Grindhouse Horror RPG (Complete)
Eldritch – A Very Scary Immersive ARG (Complete, but never played)
Bug Hunt – (Yet Another) ALIENS RPG (Incomplete)

The Singularity System – Generic Rules For Science Fiction Roleplaying (Incomplete)
CARRIER – A d20 System Survival Horror RPG (Incomplete)

If anyone is miraculously reading this already, then they should tell me which of these things they are most interested in hearing about first, although my hopes of actual traffic are not that high yet.


One comment

  1. I had been wondering what happened to Eldritch. I’ve recently replayed that old demo for the first time in years, then started googling for info to see what happened to the project. And then I found this blog.

    I guess it’s a bit late to comment on this, but I just wanted to say it’s nice to see Eldritch is one of the bolded “still alive” entries. 😉

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