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This is not, I’m sure, a strikingly original thought but sometimes I fear, genuinely fear, that the unstoppable rise of the reboot, one of my least favorite world developments of the past ten or so years, signifies the death of culture.

Remakes, sequels, and prequels were bad enough, but at least the latter two could expand on a previous idea, could show some dimension of it not usually seen.

Nothing new is being made, no new ideas are reaching the masses; the corporations that turn creative expression into profits are just endlessly double, triple, quadruple-dipping into the same (dry) wells. We need to stop remaking the same movie franchises every ten years if new stories are to be told, but unless we give the big studios a disincentive to just keep recycling the same crap, that will never, ever happen.

And comic books, I’m looking at you: you are the absolute worst perpetrators of this god-awful phenomenon.



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