First Of The Year (Not Even Close)

Since it’s the 6th, I didn’t quite make it. Damn procrastination.

So 2011 was a very busy year, so much so that I did a lousy job of chronicling my activities here.  2012 is a new year and a fresh start. Here are some projects that I’m working on or planning on working on going into the first quarter of 2012, while recapping the last quarter of 2011.

~Indie Computer Games~
I had two Q4 2011 releases:

* Mage Duel Extreme — A gladiatorial combat game with the structure of a 2D arcade fighter and the mechanics of a turn-based RPG.

* Journeyman — Simulation-RPG all about harvesting, processing, combining, and crafting just about anything you can think of, any many things that you probably can’t.

And I’m on-board as a battle-designer and general sounding board on this amazing-looking project:

* LINUS — Helmed by Blueperiod

Besides that I’ve got a very super-secret video game project under wraps that should be dialed up to just about mind-blowingly awesome, by my calculations. It’s too soon to reveal anything about it yet, though.

Two Shadowrun products that I worked on came out last year.

* Street Legends — A book about well, Street Legends (of the Sixth World.)
* Corporate Intrigue — A campaign book full of my favorite kind of SR adventures–industrial espionage.

Going into this year, I got to write two of my favorite characters ever–Damien Knight and fragging Harlequin (!!!)–in the Street Legends Supplemental PDF that just hit the web four days ago. Seriously, and without irony, I am not worthy. Harlequin is one of my favorite fictional characters of all time, and so to join the likes of Tom freaking Dowd in writing about him was beyond daunting. All I can say is that I did my best.

I’ve got some other projects I’m still working for Catalyst and I’d like to name them and talk about them here, but honestly I’m not sure if I’m allowed! I should really read my NDA more carefully.

~Other Tabletop Stuff~
There are not one but two of my *own* Tabletop RPGs I’m going to be making a serious push towards completing, getting art assets locked down for, publishing, promoting, and marketing this year. I may have talked about them briefly on here in the past; I certainly hope to discuss them here in more depth in the future. They are…

* The Singularity System — A set of generic, customizable science fiction roleplaying rules based (kind of!) on my science fiction universe of Systems Malfunction.
* S P L I N T E R —  Which I know I’ve talked about here before.

So that’s the status of Devon Oratz/Ghostlight Games/Tarot American Productions (I should really settle under one name to work as, instead of 24 billion) as of the very beginning of 2012. More updates–hopefully LOTS more updates–as the year develops.


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