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GenCon 2012 Report

Teh Shadowruns:
Went from running ~24 hours of Shadowrun: Missions at 2011 GenCon to running ~0 hours of it at 2012 GenCon. Unsurprisingly, this year’s GenCon was moderately less stressful. I even got to actually play some Shadowrun (unheard of!) with Mikaela, an official Mission, the Missions tournament (very unofficially), and even a couple hours of the Scramble (Shadowrun LARP!), which I wish I could have played more of. All very fun. Actually playing Shadowrun, with lots of people who know how to play Shadowrun, is awesome. And the sheer amount of hype and buzz and general talking up SR was getting all around the con was amazing. Markedly more people talking about SR, flipping through SR core books, and wearing Shadowrun merch. I blame Jordan Weisman, and Shadowrun Returns.

And my very first ever game of Eclipse Phase, at noon on Sunday, was a great capstone to the con, and a bunch of fun.

S P L I N T E R:
Next year, I want different time slots and more advertising g’darnit! 3PM-9PM Friday and Saturday was inconvenient for various reasons. Friday was a complete no show (our first ever!), nobody showed up, and we couldn’t get into the Press room, and we couldn’t get into the Indie Games On Demand room on zero notice and run there, it was too tightly structured for that. So the day was kind of a total loss for End Transmission.

I did get to meet Rob Trimarco and Jay Stratton of Pantheon Press, which was pretty cool, and swapped them a copy of Splinter for a copy of Fortune’s Fool and a campaign book. They seemed like really nice guys, although I myself was a bit flusterated at the time. Did I mention Mikaela and I did the entire con with a brutal, unshakable of the flu. (And probably infected dozens if not hundreds of unsuspecting gamers. Sorry guys!)

Saturday I actually got like people who wanted to play the game, which was pretty cool! Four players, plus Mik who filled in, for a very satisfying demo. All of the players really dug the game, and it was a very satisfying experience. Unfortunately, I had to duck out early to attend an important Shadowrun meeting. Gah! Wearing two hats, Indie Creator Publisher/Shadowrun Freelancer was a surprisingly difficult balancing act during the con. It’s something I’ll have to pay more attention to in future years.

On Sunday at the dealer’s room, I bought a copy of Eclipse Phase, but ran out of patience/courage before I approached personal hero/total badass Adam Jury to have him sign my SR4A rulebook and rap with him about the industry. But I did get to stop by the (shared) Machine Age booth to talk with fellow Shadowrun writer and indie game designer David A. Hill, albeit much more briefly than I would have liked. I traded him Splinter for a copy of Maschine Zeit and a copy of Farewell to Fear. It’s not money (sigh) but I’d have bought Maschine Zeit anyway, so yeah.

While the business of getting there was a nightmare best not related, all in all actually attending the con was quite fun, reasonably (but not wildly) successful, and unsurprisingly exhausting. As expected, our potential sales don’t remotely justify our expenses, but hopefully we’re beginning to get the word out about Splinter.

In coming posts I’ll hopefully tell you about the other games we’re working on releasing in the next year or so. For now, SLEEP! Or something like it.


P.S. This blog, which was initially designed for talking about the projects of mine that fell through the cracks between Systems Malfunction and Shadowrun, is kind of in a very hazy area right now, purpose wise, since those projects are now being actively published and promoted by End Transmission Games (that’s me!). I guess in the future this blog will be used more for random musings on game design, rather than/in between mirroring the content from the ET games website.


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