What are the odds of THAT?

What’s in a name? Sometimes kind of a lot. So, ironically, enough, I’ve been getting into Rifts lately, and when googling it, frequently wind up accidentally reading something about this MMORPG called “RIFT”. Well, I thought to myself jokingly, “I wonder if Kevin Siembieda is sewing those RIFT guys over his ownership of the Rifts trademark, being a notoriously litigious sort”. Turns out, he did exactly that.

Where does the irony come in? This google trail lead me to discover that there is apparently ALREADY an established tabletop roleplaying game system called the Cinema6 System. Fuck, fuck, fuck, and also shit! That is what I called the (completely unrelated) system that End Transmission Games uses for Phantasm(2010) and the upcoming Psionics RPG, because I thought it was a clever, original name, and I had absolutely no idea that Wicked North Games had already released an RPG product, related to Open D6, called Cinema6. (I knew right off the bat that I couldn’t call my D6 based system “The D6 System” because that ones is taken, but I had absolutely no idea that there was a spinoff of the D6 System called OpenD6 and a spinoff of that called Cinema6. I picked the name Cinema6 completely independently, since my game design DNA doesn’t intersect with the D6 system at all, and it’s a hell of a coincidence that an existing system of that name already exists.)

And this is why I hate naming things, because literally everything is always taken, and I can see how one can become driven to Kevin Siembieda like levels of litigiousness with “World of Warhammer Online Craft” chicken-or-the-egg syndrome. Back to the drawing board…


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