Is This Thing On? From Here To Obscurity

So I have been making games quite seriously since 2000 and intermittently and half-heartedly “blogging” (that’s a word now, right?) about it since 2010 or so. But unless I know you in real life, you haven’t heard of me, or my games, and you don’t know my name. I work professionally in the RPG industry, both as a creator-owner-publisher of End Transmission Games and a freelancer, but my level of acuity at self-promotion isn’t professional, it isn’t talented amateur, it isn’t dabbling hobbyist, it’s downright incompetent.

I don’t know how to use the interwebs to draw attention to myself without being annoying. How does one not be ignored? This blog is a prime example; it doesn’t have a lot of readers. It also doesn’t have a lot of content. Which is the chicken and which the egg, who can say.

For years, I’ve been watching as writers, creators and entrepreneurs have successfully leveraged internet popularity and visibility into establishing promising brands; creative and ambitious people with far more marketing/promotional know-how than I have, even if they perhaps don’t have the same level of writing/design acumen that I do. Of course, maybe that’s just jealousy talking; there’s a sin of the seven I hit harder than that one, I know not which.

Anyway, in spite of a pronounced lack of early success at getting the internets to recognize I exist (and who wants to read about someone bemoaning their obscurity), I have doubled down with the recent investment of cash, time, and energy into End Transmission Games, my RPG Imprint. Following this flood of money, time, and energy, I must make enough noise about our little endeavor to become noticed. Because RPGs can’t really exist without fanbases, and companies can’t exist or at least can’t be successful without large mobs of vocal customers. No one could possibly be less suited for the task of promotion marketing than me, a person so private they’re afraid to use facebook to connect to their own social life. Yet…not doing it has clearly been no answer at all. And so I must venture out past the mine field of my own social anxiety into the land of the trolls. Man vs. Internet, Round XII. Wish me luck.



  1. Dude, put your name on your fraggin’ blog. Make it big and loud so I don’t even have to look for it, that will help you do your social push for RPG acceptance.

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