Out of the Polar Vortex: 2014 Re-Launch

Wow: we’re a week into 2014 and predictably I’ve never felt more like I’m actually living in the future. Time flies, and it does so at a terrifying rate.

So End Transmission Games has been basically underground/off the grid for almost half a year now. I know from a business/marketing perspective, going dark for that long is virtually inexcusable. The reasons are pretty simple, beyond the state of reclusive, hermit-like silence that is naturally my most comfortable mode of being. After GenCon ’13, we were completely exhausted. Then we had to move into a new apartment pretty much immediately, which left us in whatever state comes after exhausted, when you become exhausted while already exhausted. Double-exhausted? Actually dead? I don’t know. (Upshot of the move was that we now have a real warehouse/office, kind of, making storing and inventorying our stock less of a nightmare.)

After getting settled in, we resolved to take a while (i.e. the month of October) to recover from the move and the busy con season, catch our breath, regain our sanity, and so on. But by the time we were feeling even slightly recovered, the holidays were upon us like a pack of wolves. All of this was the real life equivalent of, when in a fighting game, you get knocked up into the air by a move and then repeatedly kicked/punched in an air-juggle combo before you can even fall to the ground, let alone stand up.

But it’s 2014 and we’re back on the grid, up and running, out of the polar vortex. Future posts will come in weeks, not months. They will reveal things like our upcoming con schedule and the details of our upcoming product release schedule. In the mean time, here’s a real brief look at the stuff that’s coming up in 2014 from End Transmission Games.

  • Setting Module 00: Systems Malfunction for The Singularity System. If there’s ever been a project a long ass time in the making, this is it. We’ve been working on the translation of the Systems Malfunction setting to the Singularity System non-stop since this time last year, but the SysMal setting itself has been around since two thousand aught five. Yeowza! That’s nine years! (And much, much longer if you count the indie videogams it’s based on, but let’s not go too crazy.) Anyway, Setting Module 00 brings the obscure-yet-beloved setting of the Systems Malfunction LARP to your tabletop (finally!). Even more importantly, it’s an intricate, detailed setting book that gives you absolutely everything you need to embark on your own thrilling, awesome, epic spacepunk in the Singularity System. What do I mean by everything? I mean the full download on ancient history and recent events, races, major and minor factions, the galaxy’s power players and their dirty secrets, the social impact of modern tech, bio-augmentation, psionic talents, transference cloning, and aetherial magic, entertainment, culture, and society, a planetary gazetteer, plus expanded rules for: character creation, playable xel, celestial, verkulaks, and replicants, expanded personal combat, new bioaugmentations, new psionic talents, complete rules for aetherial magic, extra lives through transference cloning, consumer nanofacturing and you, new traits, racial abilities, new guns, swords, grenades, ammo, energy weapons, giant fightan robots, starfighters, starships, machines, NPC stats…I could go on, but I won’t. But I could. Ten pounds of awesome, one pound can. Open with care. Now this release has been delayed time and time again as the content has grown and grown and grown. We’re now cautiously optimistic for a March, 2014 release date to coincide with the opening of the Systems Malfunction LARP’s newest season.
  • New releases (finally) for our transgressively-meta, crazy weird indie RPG S.P.L.I.N.T.E.R.! SPLINTER’s been out since March of 2012 without a new release, but we haven’t forgotten it. What new releases 2014 may portend I can’t decisively say yet, but we’ve been thinking about Superstar Profiles for a few of EBC’s most famous (and infamous) players, featuring full backstories, story hooks, and/or game stats (for the players and their Avatars). And a treasure trove of new monsters and a menagerie of new treasure for the Splinter have been in the works for years now, and may make it to publication this year.
  • We will be Kickstarting our brand new RPG, Psionics! I am more than stoked about this. Psionics is a storytelling game set in the present day about teenagers and adults with dangerous and volatile psychic powers, and the shadowy organizations out to manipulate and control them. It uses the DicePunk System first seen in our Ennie Award nominated Phantasm(2010), but it features entirely new character types, enemies, and abilities, as well as a completely different genre: a dark, postmodern present day thriller, inspired by works like Akira and Firestarter. Look for it on Kickstarter a little later this year!

All that and more from ETG going forward into 2014. Some of these deserve (and should get) blog posts of their own in the near future, especially that last one!


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