On The Horizon (great big news post)

Here at End Transmission Games, we’ve been working on some exciting stuff! As I have done more than once in the past, I’ll passingly mention that virtually no one reads this or is reading it; I can probably name way too high a percent of this blog’s readers just off the top of my head. But perhaps that is going to begin to change, as End Transmission is taking strides towards vaulting onto the public stage in a whole new way.

Let’s start with S|P|L|I|N|T|E|R!

So if you’re like new, SPLINTER is our very first game product and first appeared on the market way back in 2012, during ICON 31. Since then I’ve been shorthanding its premise as The Running Man meets D&D on Acid; a fun description, but not an adequate one to contain all its transgressively meta weirdness (and it sadly leaves out BLAME! and Dark City entirely). Three years ago when it was still theoretical and not yet a finished product, I explained it here in quite a bit more detail. In the two years and change since it came out it hasn’t seen a supporting release, a real shame, the cause of which is how busy we were launching other game lines.

Well, now SPLINTER finally has a supplement coming out, hopefully, in the next week. It’s a $1.00 PDF and only around ten pages long. In spite of that it’s an an essential piece of setting information that greatly illuminates the interaction between Earthside and the Realm, and gives gamers a glimpse of what can be expected from a continued SPLINTER campaign. In short, it helps illustrate “How To Use SPLINTER” as a game/setting, an example of tone and content that was sorely needed.


It’s the Superstar Profile of this guy Ronald Singh (the Player behind Kade Merek). He’s the greatest star the Splinter has ever seen. Superstar Profile: Kade Merek details how he made it to the top, climbing a big damn pile of bodies.

This is him. Art is WIP.
This is him. Art is WIP.

Ronald Singh is the most popular Player the Game has ever known. As the voice and mind behind Kade Merek, Needlekin assassin, his Adventures have sold billions of copies and garnered millions of subscribers and fans the world over. This in-depth bio profiles the rise of Kade Merek, from Singh’s conscription into the game as an Amateur at the age of 19 and his very first short form matches through the Long Form Adventures that made “Jacknife Kade” a legend, like Massacre at Lost Moorstoke (2455) and Quest For The Shade Diadem (2458), to recent events like Merek’s accession to the position of Royal Assassin for the Novembrist Court. Come and relive the story, and celebrate the man behind the legend!


Complete game statistics for Ronald Singh and Kade Merek are also provided.


 So this little product should offer a little signal flare for SPLINTER fans that the SPLINTER line is still alive and well. It will be released, hopefully, in the next week or two (a time period in which a lot of other exciting stuff is happening). Depending on how it sells, there may be more Superstar Profiles coming in the future, introducing us to some of the Game’s other movers and shakers.

Meanwhile, since the SPLINTER corebook was published (or even earlier) we’ve been working on two much bigger supplements. Since the Realm is meant to be limited, we want it to have as near to an infinite amount of content–wondrous treasure to find, strange monsters to fight, powerful spells to cast-as we can. We want random tables that sprawl for pages and pages. And the nearest mortal authors can get to infinite is arbitrarily large. Little Wondrous Things will introduce hundreds and hundreds of new weapons, armor, gear, spells, and technology to populate the Realm’s vast treasure store. Ugly Things will add over a hundred new monsters to populate the Realm and challenge Avatars of all Ascension Levels. These products don’t have a release date at this time–these are big books, with loads of content, being written by very few people–but they are somewhere on the distant horizon.

Now on to other news. The epic, 420 page Systems Malfunction campaign setting is still on sale for The Singularity System as a PDF. Efforts to get a correct print proof have been frustrating. Lightning Source is really, really dropping the ball on this for some reason. But hopefully we’ll have a physical copy for sale on DriveThru soon. So buy it now or buy it soon, once we finally manage to make it a widely available book!

Both halves of End Transmission Games are proud to announce that we have joined the Indie Game Developer Network. You’ll be able to find the IGDN presence, ourselves included, at Booth #1539 at this year’s GenCon, which is coming up in just a few weeks. We’ll have all our products there for sale.

Now, for the big one…


Psionics is a close cousin to Phantasm(2010), and uses the same core rules mechanic, the DicePunk System. I’ve been writing Psionics, on and off, in various incarnations, since I was 14 years old. That means that it is a one person passion project, a labor of love 14 years in the making! The year 2000, now amazingly nearly a decade and a half ago, was around the time I realized that just about anyone could make a roleplaying game out of just about anything. And I decided to make one that was very loosely based on the obscure PS1 game Galerians— which was never famous and has by now largely faded into obscurity–with an eye towards everything that, in turn, inspired Galerians. I have rewritten it over and over, throwing out everything I had as juvenillia and starting over time after time while marinating the subject matter in just tons and tons of thought. It has evolved into something very, very different in the decade and a half it’s been in pre-development.

Psionics is set in the real world, in the present day, or 20 minutes into the future, if you like. The players take the role of troubled teenagers and young adults who have just had an enormous power hidden inside them unlocked by external tampering–psionic talents. Following in the footsteps of novels and films like Akira, Carrie, Firestarter, and Scanners, the PCs will gain the ability to solve problems in their lives with the superhuman abilities available to them. And you’ll be confronted with questions about the cost of using telekinesis or pyrokinesis to get revenge on the bullies that tormented you, or using mind control to convince the girl you have a crush on to give you a chance.

Meanwhile, the PCs–called Espers–are hunted by a multitude of shadowy Conspiracies. These competing Conspiracies are seeking to control you and manipulate you into advancing their sinister agendas, and they have enormous resources at their disposal. So the story becomes, how do you buck the system and defy these groups seeking to capture and indoctrinate you, while coming to grips with your psionic talents. While the talents that Espers can access give them awesome problem-solving tools to play with, overusing your talents and pushing things too far can result in a catastrophic meltdown that is spectacularly fatal for everyone around you. So basically as a “typical” Esper, you’re a literal ticking time bomb of teenage angst, with enormous psychic powers, and the Man, in various incarnations, is constantly shadowing you and trying to fuck with you, taking away your agency and making you a foot soldier in their cause.

Espers are troubled young people with the aforementioned enormous psychic powers.

The bad news is that you have serious emotional problems.

The good news is that you have enormous psychic powers.

The other bad news is that because of your powers, shadowy conspiracies that secretly rule the world want to indoctrinate you into being their loyal puppets, or just put you in a cage and/or vivisect you, for science!–and to help them better rule the world.

But hey, the good news is that you still have enormous psychic powers.

The other other bad news is that your enormous psychic powers and becoming a fugitive from these conspiracies are going to make your serious emotional problems a lot worse.

Still bro…. enormous psychic powers. What could possibly go wrong?

So on top of a lifetime of being pushed around by your parents and tormented by bullies and snubbed by crushes who don’t even know you exist, The Man has emerged from the shadows to literally take control of your life. However, now you’re not limited to locking yourself in your room and listening to loud music. Now you have a real and powerful tool for pushing back. And you’re going to push back, aren’t you? You’re going to push back hard.

This hard:

Read Between The Lines

Psionics uses the DicePunk System, a very streamlined and flexible rules set with only four character attributes– Strength, Speed, Wits, and Will-and with player-defined skills augmenting the set list of skills. The DicePunk System is also used in our fangame, Phantasm (2010), which was nominated for an Ennie award for Best Free RPG in 2013. On top of the basic DicePunk chassis of Attributes, Skills, and Combat Techniques we’re going to overlay an in-depth set of rules for psionic talents. These will range from the “bread and butter” psionic powers like telekinesis (moving things with your mind, all the way from being able to levitate a coin to being able to throw or crush a city bus), pyrokinesis (starting fires with your will alone), and psychokinesis (mind-reading and mind-control) to exotic psi talents like magnekinesis (weather control), somakinesis (manipulating your body to enable superhuman physical feats), technokinesis (psionically ‘hacking’ mechanical systems), and necrokinesis (causing a cardiac arrest with a thought). The result is a tabletop RPG that will look and play out a lot like recent movies Push (2009) and Chronicle (2012).

To make the dream of Psionics, which is over a decade old, into an actual book people can buy and an actual game people can play with their friends, we’re going to use something we’ve been thinking about getting in on for years.


Virtually every indie RPG I can think of that’s hit a huge level of success and public awareness has been associated with a successful Kickstarter. So here’s hoping we can become part of that illustrious tradition, and here’s hoping I’m far from the only one who wants to play Firestarter/Akira/Chronicle the Tabletop RPG! If all goes well, our Psionics Kickstarter will be going live within the next week (!!) so be sure to check back here soon, or find us on KS, to check out the neat perks and rewards we’ll be offering backers.

And I think that covers everything. Until next time, DTO out.


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