Let’s Start A Fire

At long last, things are happening. In my brain slides that strange moment of recognition that perhaps after all there *was* a right answer all along. “I’m sorry, but the correct Religion was…MORMON.”

Within fifteen minutes of stepping out of the shower this afternoon, I was: on the #rpgnet chatroom talking to Dan Davenport (the GMShoe) about scheduling a PsionicsQ&A for August 21st, on my personal facebook linking the Psionics Kickstarter, on the Psionics Kickstarter responding to backers, and combing through and shaking my head at decidedly sketchy and quite mercenary Kickstarter-boosting spam from half a dozen different directions.

Yesterday at 5:00PM our Psionics Kickstarter went live after a month of really hard work.

corridor kickstarter image

Since then we have received $1,417 dollars of our $2,500 goal, which we have 45 44 days to raise. At the time of this writing, we are just now nearing the 24 hour mark. Our First Wave $5.00 and $10.00 rewards are sold out.

In the #rpgnet chatroom I’m amicably swapping KS backs with fellow indie devs and rapping capsule description of my half-dozen or so published games to a tiny chatroom of gamers that haven’t heard of any of them in the years they’ve been out. I can’t even be surprised anymore. We never did a Kickstarter, after all.

So, finally, and once and for all, with great relief, I will make this statement: things are finally beginning to happen. Things are finally beginning to move.

My friends: please back us on Kickstarter. Let’s keep this motherfucker burning.

-DTO Out


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