This thing I wrote, Superstar Profile: Kade Merek is live on DriveThru RPG.


BUYITBUYITBUYITBUYIT BUYITBUYIT IT’S A DOLLAR. Er, ahem. Ahem. Superliminal messaging complete.

If you’re a SPLINTER fan, for the love of God, buy it. Then get all your friends to buy it, especially if they’re on the fence about SPLINTER. It’s just a buck for cripe’s sakes.

Speaking of which, if you’re on the fence about SPLINTER, for the love of God, buy Superstar Profile: Kade Merek. At $1.00, it costs less than a soda, so a lower risk purchase you won’t find. And it should give you a nice enough taste of the setting’s flavor and attitude to make up your mind–hopefully in the affirmative (but not if you hate violence). 

In other news, the Psionics Kickstarter continues to rumble along like a badass psychic train. Please do get on board. I promise a wild ride.


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