Quick Update – GenCon ’14

So, we went to GenCon 2014 and we’re safely back now, news that virtually every reader knew almost two weeks ago. I actually saw a lot of folks posted their con recap the day after they got back home, which is good ‘n all cause stuff is fresh in their minds, but I can’t roll that way. My pace is a whole lot slower. Even now, about a fortnight after the con ended, I’m still finishing up the recovery step, with the reportage step still on the horizon for me.

Long story short: we had some fun, for once, because we weren’t required (or in fact, allowed) to be at the booth the entire time. However it was nonetheless very stressful. With no other choice and not knowing as much as we should have going in, we were locked into a booth scheme that was very problematic, and our sales (and general level of gamer interaction) were nowhere near what Origins of this year has showed us they could and should be. Much more on this later–once I’ve had more time to digest, unpack, and process everything that’s happened–followed by a general recap of all the fun stuff we did/bought/saw at GenCon even later on, after that. Keep an eye out for (much) these belated posts.

Other News:

1) We did a Q&A thing with the GMShoe, Dan Davenport. You can read it here.

2) Psionics Kickstarter. Still Kickin’ and Starting. We’ve got over a week left, not too late to jump in, expect a big final push from us when we get closer to the cut-off date.

3) In the near future we’re going to begin actively soliciting professional reviews for some of our older games that tragically don’t have full reviews yet. So um, if you happen to be a reviewer, and you happen to be reading this (and I think, y’know, cause of the foregoing sentence that that’s unlikely) drop us a line.

4) In the near future we’re going to begin actively and aggressively forming an elite team of GMs who will run End Transmission’s numerous RPGs around the country in exchange for free books, merch, perks, and most importantly, glory. This will follow the generation of a suitably epic name for this cadre of gamemasters, as well as some changes to our website. So keep an eye out for that.


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