The Distant Future – The Year 2015

New Year, new layout, new name!  And a slightly belated Happy New Year to you! A New Year, a new blog post. Or so has practically been the rate of output in the past. But not any more! This blog is in a real “chicken/egg” conundrum. I can’t tell if it’s got almost no followers because it’s got almost no content, or if it’s got almost no content because it’s got almost no followers. Well no more! This year I pledge to turn around at least the content problem with a minimum of ONE NEW POST PER FORTNIGHT. I know that’s not exactly record-breaking, but it is an output pledge I think I can keep (with Mikaela’s help). As for whether readers will follow, who can say. But at least I’ll be writing/ranting/babbling about the philosophy and politics of game design.

Psionics is on the cusp of doneness! The meat of it anyway. The art and fiction are another matter, but we’ve got plenty of time for that. To paraphrase my latest update in case you’re not in a clicking mood:

It is the new year, and as discussed, the psionics playtest period is over.

I am finalizing the first complete draft of the Psionics Core Rulebook (!!) today i.e. I am putting on the finishing touches as we speak. From this complete manuscript we will assign art briefs to artists (any pro artists who’ve been following this project, now isn’t a bad time to start contacting us), begin the final proofreading stage, and finally send it on to be laid out and made into a book complete with art and fiction. For the curious, the current manuscript clocks in somewhere around 179 pages in Microsoft Word (without art or fiction) and weighs in at somewhere around 74,416 words, plus or minus today’s edits.

Now is as good a time as any to announce–sorry for not announcing this earlier, I’m not quite sure what happened there–the results of our Book Format Poll. Of the backers polled who responded, an overwhelming 150 (about 83%) voted for an 8.5″ x 11″ hardcover, while just 30 backers (only about 17%) voted for a 6.5″ x 9″ softback. So our initial print run of the Psionics Core Rulebook is going to be exclusively 8.5″ x 11″ hardcover. .

In the meantime, I am just now finishing up my own local Psionics playtest campaign. It has been a high intensity experience, an epic success, and I think for many of my players, one of the best and most engrossing roleplaying experiences of their gaming careers. We have just three sessions left–the first of them is tomorrow–to bring the story to a close. The playtest campaign has focused heavily on the Zodiac Order and the likelihood exists that I will tell you more about it here–or perhaps let my players do the talking–when it has been brought to a close.

Over the next two months or so, my biggest challenge will be creating the introductory fiction (I’m still more than a little terrified of this prospect, not gonna lie) and then coordinating with our literary hired guns David A. Hill, Eloy Lasanta, and Russel Zimmerman to get their fiction assignments in for the final manuscript. Concurrently, the process of creating all of the awesome art to fill out the Psionics Core Rulebook will be ongoing, directed by Mikaela. But the game’s rules in their more-or-less final form will be done by the end of the day–barring unforeseen tragedies–and I could scarcely be more excited. : D

That’s it for today, but hopefully there will be lots more updates to come in the future! Call it one part of an ongoing and totally not overreaching New Year’s resolution to “fix absolutely everything wrong with my disastrous wreck of a life”.


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