Marsha Marsha Marsha

It is slightly amazing, at this moment in time, the degree to which Psionics has become my life. For instance, right now, I am working on the Psionics art notes, while talking to Mikaela about Psionics, because the work I am doing on the Psionics art notes is based on the work she did on the Psionics art notes today, yesterday, and the day before. In another window I am switching between my two Psionics themed Pandora stations while in yet another window I am making a list of tracks to include on the months-in-the-making Psionics playlist.

Meanwhile, I have sent John an e-mail about my Psionics character which I would guess there is an about even chance he is not presently answering because he is even now actively GMing his Google Hangouts based Psionics campaign for the bewilderingly large and ever increasing number of Psionics players he is somehow handling. He wanted Mikaela to play in his Psionics campaign tonight but she couldn’t because she was too busy working on Psionics. And I just notice I have gotten an e-mail from my dad, offering his critique of my Psionics story, but I am too busy working on Psionics to ask for that critique right now.

In summation: Psionics, Psionics, Psionics, my life is Psionics.


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