See the latest you’re missing from Prestige Studios…

-Action Report So Far-

“Bringing you the latest on Prestige Studios’ Journey To The Forbidden Jungle (MA15+, V/S/L), already in progress…

The expedition team sponsored by Comte Lania Anjou arrived at Level 1,011,999,451: Leason’s Folly surprised to find the temple of the bat dark and abandoned and the return Port nowhere to be found. Overturning the altar to find the treasure hidden beneath, the group then descended through the third tier of Upper Tamoachan, narrowly winning a grueling battle against a Darkwood Sentinel and a clutch of Corpus Vines.

The team then passed quickly through the Second Tier of Upper Tamoachan, pausing only to slaughter a dazed Gorgolint and harvest its valuable tusks. The journey through the First Tier of Upper Tamoachan was more eventful, as Occam’s Razor was reduced to dust by a powerful Banished in the Apartment of the Ages. The survivors won through past a Death Blimp and other hazards to encounter a pack of Rookery holdouts, with whom they rather expensively negotiated for directions. They then found the stairs downwards to Lower Tamoachan guarded by a new horror, a Helminth Majority. After a narrow victory over the majority, hours of gruesome exploratory surgery were performed on Viperius to remove the numerous flatworms that had burrowed inside her.

The team has now reached Level 1,011,999,465: Lower Tamoachan. There they have overcome a choir of Chorus Leeches, a hallway brimming with the Electric Dead, a squadron of Dark Walkers, and a devious trap to make it as far as the Great Hall. There, the entire party was nearly brought low by a pair of Grimstalkers, but as Viperius, Hegik, and Fenx lay sundered and bleeding, through a heroic effort Yntew Tilt broke free of his Hold and defeated both wounded Grimstalkers, delivering the performance that would graduate him to the Minor Leagues and Ascension Level 4.

Having rested and refreshed themselves, the party is now in the Great Hall of Level 1,011,999,465, ready to seek a way downwards to the Duchy of Reo, still several hundred levels away…”


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