Latest From Prestige Studios (Part II)

-Action Report So Far-

“Bringing you the latest on Prestige Studios’ Journey To The Forbidden Jungle (MA15+, V/S/L), already in progress…

Having rested and refreshed themselves, the party made their way down a flooded passageway, followed unnoticed by Coleoid Gatherers. They arrived at the aquatic lair of a Keening Sidhe, which unleashed its harrowing wails upon them. In the ensuing carnage, the Coleoids were hunted down and exterminated, and the party prevailed over the Sidhe without anyone drowning. Metropol agent Yntrew Tilt was instrumental in tracking down the Coleoids and exterminating the survivors (in spite of their protests).

After briefly considering an assault on the Coleoid stronghold in the western portion of the level, the party instead journeyed south where they encountered a clutch of Softshell Nursemaids. After a pitched battle, four softshells were dead and one pacified with a Wand of Friendship: one of the dead softshells was then necromantically raised by Varatha Luka. Confronted with three doors (west, east, and south) the party found only a dead-end to the east and had no wish to contend with the Headless Hydra to the west, so they went south, into the Hall of Thrashing Canes.

Fenx was nearly killed by unluckily springing the eponymous trap, but quick action from Sarima and Yntrew ensured the others were able to save her life. The party then found a good sized cache of treasure–including a Zgzz 5409 Sharder PDW, a Wand of Sheepishness (hilarity ensued in its identification), and a mysterious ivory cube–and a rubble chute leading downwards over a hundred levels, which they slid/crawled/flew down to discover what awaited below.

The party explored most of the first two floors of the tower of Arth, defeating Infinity Spiders, Dark Tenants, and strange dimensional anomalies. Departing the tower to the south, they found themselves on the grand highway in the Duchy of Reo, apparently located around four hundred levels above where it was supposed to be. Yntrew spotted a pick-up truck with a mounted gun driving southeast on the highway. Inside he saw Maurice Beauxxhome, the party’s rival.

The party made their way uneventfully north on the highway to the capital of Vendare. There Viperius broached an audience with Duke Jon Brunis, Duke of Reo. At the audience, the party learned of the bandit attacks along the southern caravan route that were plaguing the Duchy, and pledged their assistance in dealing with the problem: which Maurice Beauxxhome was already on his way to confront. During the audience with the caravan merchants, a mysterious assailant attacked the Duke and those gathered with a powerful Firebolt spell, and managed to escape somehow using a magical Cloak. The Duke and the party survived the Firebolt attack.

After gathering provisions, the party were dispatched south towards the village of Waycombe, in the vicinity of which the merchant caravans had been attacked. It took the parties nine days travel on the roads (-18 Subscriber Points for resting each of the nine nights) to arrive at Waycombe. On the way the group triumphed in battle over a Morkrim raiding party and a pack of feral Whistle Wolves. They also heard rumors at an inn of a great power rising in the Southern Swamps, the “Lizard King”. At the Great Bridge over the River Ardo, the party was ambushed by a strong force of over a dozen Salamandrea Survivors, but were victorious.

Just outside of Waycome, the party found Barto Trume, the last survivor of the force of fighting men that the Duke of Reo had sent to deal with the fighting men. Trume told them that he had escaped from the bandits, whose base was located in a copse just north of the inn in Waycombe Village.

Arriving in the village of Waycome, the party found it nearly deserted. They learned from the last remaining inhabitant–an innkeeper on his way out of town–that the town had been depleted by bandit attacks until no one and nothing was left. The party struck out outside of town to the southeast, and encountered Stefan Demanis, a quite insane Tzaetzi hermit that they convinced to lead them to the Lizard King somewhere in the southern swamp. The party then camped for the night a few miles north, where they were very nearly eaten by a wandering Ophidian Coatl.

The following evening the party headed north to try and deal with the bandit base located north of the now-abandoned Waycombe Inn. Using stealth, Yntrew Tilt quickly eliminated the two Ophidian bandits that he found in the field.  About to provide first aid one in order to interrogate him, Yntrew looked up to find himself face to face with a full-grown Swamp Baphomet. The Baphomet snared Yntrew with a Captivate charm. Now viewing the Baphomet as his best friend, Yntrew returned to the inn to lead the rest of his party into the Baphomet waiting ambush…”


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