Hot Action From Prestige Studios (Part III)

-Action Report So Far-

“Bringing you the latest on Prestige Studios’ Journey To The Forbidden Jungle (MA15+, V/S/L), already in progress…

After the Swamp Baphomet attacked with its deadly poison gas breath, the party returned accurate fire with small arms and an RPG-7, and the dragon fled to the south. The party then journeyed south to join Stefan Demanis, boarding his raft and wending their way southward through the great Southern Swamp over the course of several days (nearly being killed and devoured by an Ophidian Coatl along the way).

Arriving at an ancient temple, the group was attacked by a troop of the Electric Dead armed with light crossbows. At the eruption of violence, Stefan Demanis fled screaming into the swamp. The party pressed their way into the temple, overcame six Drowning Pools lurking in fountains, and breached the lair of the Swamp Baphomet Aulicus, slaying the beast in a final, decisive confrontation. Among its treasure hoard they found a functional suit of Powered Armor amongst other artifacts. A trapdoor under the temple’s alter lead downwards, and the party descended stairs bringing them from Level  1,011,999,601, the Duchy of Reo, to the bandit lair immediately below, where they would find the brigands they sought.

Just inside the bandit’s lair, the party saw a troop of twenty armed and organized Morkrim apparently lead by a Rookery Guttershrike lieutenant. They had a single hostage: a Tzaetzi in Ouroborous who had clearly been ill-treated. The party burst through the doors and battle ensued: Viperis, Yntrew, and Salima were all trapped in a Temporal Stasis Grenade thrown by the Guttershrike. This left Fenx alone versus the Rook and the fifteen surviving Morks.

Fenx fought valiantly against impossible odds, but two flashbangs later she was finally brought down by the Morkrim horde. As the temporal stasis bubble burst, Fenx’s head was hurled at the feet of the other party members, who rejoined the fray, hurling themselves at the Rook and the remaining Morks. While Salima and Viperis both fell under a storm of Morkish swords and spears, Yntrew once more carried the day, mopping up the brigands and resuscitating VIperis and Salima. Nothing could be done with the decapitated Fenx.

Freeing the captive Tzaetzi, the group learned that she was Analina, a member of Maurice Bauxxhome’s expedition. Their group had been separated, and the three other members taken further below. Armed with this information, Yntrew, Salima, Viperis and the others have begun their hunt for the “Lizard King”…”


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