After a brief interruption due to technical difficulties… (Part IV)

“We are happy to bring you the latest from Prestige Studios’ Journey To The Forbidden Jungle (MA15+, V/S/L), already in progress…

We’ve got some internal tensions developing within our party of stalwart adventurers as they proceed further and further into the lost and forsaken Syncopean Jungle!

Yntrew Tilt (Alistair Chu)’s group–as he reaches AL6 and continues to take the lead of the party–fight their way south into the bandit base, encountering Harvester Drones and Harvester Assassins, a Hook Hunter, Burning Men, and a Necrosprite Construct inside a pair of Gauntlets of Potency. Along the way they join forces with Philarion Octavian (Reid Omara), an Aventine Technologist that was another member of Bauxxhome’s team.

The group also found a port to the Annuleez and defeated a Painwracked Juggernaut before being locked in a pitched battle with a Star Pharaoh (one of the Lizard King’s acolyte) and four Void Elementals. Philarion was instrumental in chasing down and defeating the Star Pharaoh while the others wore down the Void Elementals. As the battle reached its climax, a Death Smog spell cast by the Star Pharaoh began to fill the chamber with deadly poisonous gas.

After a brief interlude Earthside due to technical difficulties, the group (sans Philarion) resumed their hunt for the Lizard King. After reuniting with Philarion (who had driven off a Demon Voormis with a summoned Maelsterom Elemental), they defeated a Scourge Lord and his Byrozoan Mongrel hound, and Yntrew Tilt brutally executed a Ophidian Lorescale acolyte of the Lizard King (in spite of Philarion’s promise of safe conduct to same).

The group was then nearly devoured by a Slaughterhouse Ramp trap (leading eventually to the next level down), then narrowly won a pitched battle with a Carcerian and its Sacrophigaunt spawn, clearing the rest of the level where the brigands had made their lair and finding no trace of the Lizard King…”



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