Journey To The Forbidden Jungle: The Thrilling Conclusion

“After regrouping and rearming, the party moved down to the second floor of the Temple of the Frog. There, they faced and overcame a seven Proto-Batrachians, a Steel Mother, and a swarming Apocritean Host. Then a Hell Sphinx swooped down from the rafters to attack, sewing chaos amongst the party. During this chaos the party–after defeating the Hell Sphinx–also engaged and destroyed six Psyclops.

The party settled down to rest for an hour, Hegik crafting and Yntrew using a Recharge. Using a Fantasy (Area) spell, the Haon-Dor Fallen Lachrymoses appeared as a gigantic face on the ceiling, warning the party of their doom if they pursued the Lizard King any further (and showing them the Hollower Hydra and Vyscerid Charnalossus that awaited them in the nave of the Cathedral of the Frog below.  While most of the party treated with this illusion, Lachrymoses entered the counsel chamber where Yntrew and Hegik were. Holding one and then another, he reduced Hegik to a pile of ashes, and wounded Yntrew with a Bladewand before being driven off by Yntrew’s bladewand. Yntrew then was ported out.

The remaining members of the party were led by a mysterious hooded figure to a slop room on the ground floor of the Temple. She told them that she intended to use them as catspaws to disrupt the Prophecy surrounding Khasothel, and armed them with an array of fantastic weapons. So-armed, the party were able to easily overcome the Hollower Hydra and the Vyscerid Charnalossus, although the latter did impregnate Viperis with its horrid spoor (poor Viperis, why always her!).

Meanwhile, Hryll the Cephaloplexi Wizard ported into the same level, behind the Cathedral’s alter. Blinding a Yaktaur guard, he made his way to a store room where six of the Lizard King’s Salamdrean Survivors had been armed with Kalash assault rifles and posted as guards. After a pitched battle, the surviving S surrendered, and took him to the Lizard King via a secret passage. He convinced the Lizard King–surrounded by his allies, the Hypnogorgon Euryale and the Punisher Lord Kron Thalos–that he was there to chronicle the Lizard King’s ascension on behalf of the Sages. And he noted that the Lizard King already held the cursed blade Khasothel.

An impenetrable forcefield divided the Cathedral of the Frog’s aisle in half, separating the Lizard King and his group from the party. After defeating a Grimstalker and taking his quarters, and scouting the nearby doors in the cathedral aisle for traps, identifying the (trapped) Control Room and locating one of two manual overrides for the forcefield, the party attempted to rest for eight hours. Six hours into the rest, Viperis vomited out a Vyscerid Liberator, and then promptly cut it to pieces with her Warp Sword. The party then collapsed back to sleep, being rejoined by Renzozuke and Yntrew Tilt porting back in when they awakened. Meanwhile, Hryll insinuated himself further into the Lizard King’s trust.

The party–including Maurice Beauxhomme and Herk Vadis–began to search for a means to shut down the forcefield. They fought a tough battle against a Harvester Lord and four Harvester Knights, during which Philarion (Reid Omara) was killed. In a virtually never-before-seen turn of events, Philarion was resurrected while Reid Omara was not able to be resuscitated. With the aid of his Neural Symbiont (“brain friend”) Yntrew tilt listened in on Philarion and Maurice discussing their concerns about Outsiders in their midst.

Maurice used a Flight Disk to levitate above the trap door outside the Control Room, unwittingly instigated the climactic final battle. He picked the lock, safe from the trap on his hovering Flight Disk. A trio of Ugly Things oozed out of the Control Room to fight the party, and were quickly cut down. During the confusion. snuck up on Viperis, Lachrymoses cast a Hold on her, and smashed her with a Teke. The rest of the party ran to help her, and Lachrymoses darted away from them and hurled a Blizzard into their midst. He had just Held Renzozuke and was about to kill him when the Lizard King’s patience ran out. He took down the forcefield himself and ran to engage the party in battle.

Due to Hryll’s sudden but inevitable betrayal, the Lizard King’s blinded forces were on the losing side of the epic melee that followed. The Lizard King sliced Herk Vadis in half with Khasothel, Viperis herself cut down the Lizard King with her Warp Sword and a Maelstrom Elemental summoned by Philarion saw to the speedy defeat of Kron Thalos and Euryale.  During all of this, Yntrew inhaled a bag of Hell Sphinx Ash and applied a Potion of Invisibility, before contributing to Kron Thalos’ defeat. Lachrymoses seized Khasothel from the Lizard King’s corpse and used Smog Soul to escape out the Temple’s southern doors.

As the dust from the battle settled, Hryll cast a Hold on Maurice, only to find himself at the blades of the rest of the party. Philarion set his Maelstrom Elemental to batter down the southern doors. With the Hold released, Hryll ominously declared that Maurice was marked for death. Yntrew attempted to negotiate Maurice’s surrender into Metropol custody, and Maurice seemed ready to agree. The sounds of a VTOL aircraft from the south, out the doors the Maelstrom Elemental had destroyed, sent the party running, as Ziq spotted Lachrymoses fleeing towards a guard tower in the outer courtyard through the X-Ray scope of his Zeus-PSR. Hryll took advantage of the distraction to escape to the north, having looted Dawnbow from Euryale’s corpse.

Maurice, Philarion, and Yntrew flew to the top of the guard tower, carrying Ziq and Viperis with them. The VTOL craft–carrying Haon-Dor Fallen–flew away, apparently retreating. Descending the guard tower’s stairs from the roof, Yntrew and Viperis saw Lachrymoses’ corpse, his neck broken and Khasothel taken. Ziq caught a glimpse of none other than Kade Merek (Ronald Singh) with Khaosthel, leaping from the guard tower’s roof to the moat below.

Then the Adventure game abruptly to a close!”


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