So, this site’s called Tarot American. That’s a World Inferno song, you know. I’m…kind of obsessed by them. (Working grammatical theory: “obsessed with” is correct in American English, but “obsessed by” is what you’d go with in British English. Correct me if I’m wrong.) ANYWAY, I’ve been blogging about five years now. I’ve been an American for all of them, but I ain’t said nuffin about the Tarot. Past time I do so!

I love the Tarot (I used to be able to perform simple readings, but those skills have atrophied over time: I still have the basic meanings of a solid two dozen cards memorized, mostly in the Major Arcana; I use references to the Tarot in my game design and my GMingall the damn time). I love Shadowrun. So naturally I am very excited about the Sixth World Tarot. Am I gonna be buying that shizzle? Try and stop me!

I’m even more excited because I’ve got a story coming out in the accompanying anthology: Drawing Destiny. As you can imagine, every story  in the anthology is tied (more-or-less) directly to a tarot card. The one that inspired my story, a street banger anthem called “Djoto” (that’s Or’zet, ya heard?, is the Page of Swords.

Meet Devil. She's on Kamikaze right now, so watch your yap, breeder.

Meet Devil. She’s on Kamikaze right now, so watch your yap, breeder.

The Page of Swords means a lot of different things, depending who you ask, but is generally considered to be a courier with big news to deliver (a common kind of Shadowrun, actually). Some of my favorite meanings for the card are: speaking truth to power, bravery, cleverness, passion, energy, youthful exuberance and courage untempered by an excess of caution, striving to prove yourself, and  handling shit on your own. Overall, I find the Page of Swords to be pretty punk. I am the Hermit, by birth (i.e. my date of) and by disposition, but I wish I could be the Page of Swords.

But none of that informs my story as much as the amazing art by Echo Chernik. Look at what a bad mamajama this young ork is. She’s a strong ork babe who don’t need no man!  She’s cutting some motherfucker in half. She’s got style and attitude that’s exploding off the page (okay, the screen), check out those piercings, those goggles, those bootie shorts, dat katana and that hair, like cotton candy set on fire! But what’s the story here? What’s with that hot blonde vamp posing coyly in the background in her suite corset? Why’s there a pig’s head there dripping blood? What is with that awesome graffiti of the cherub with an AR? What in the ever loving frag is going on here?

Well, that got my brain to spinning and a hoop-kicking story flowed out of me, easy as soy-pie: Devil is an ork razorgirl that runs with the Bot’Kham, a loosely affiliated network of smugglers, gangs, and runners that spans the Ork Underground and the Puyallup Barrens. When “Grampa Kham” gets black-bagged by the Yakuza, it’s going to take all of her street smarts, contacts, and attitude to get him back. Rescuing the old man will take Devil and her crew on a Kamikaze-fueled, blood-spattered, gritty adventure through the meanest streets and the darkest shadows. Find out what happens in Drawing Destiny, available exclusively at GenCon!

Which is in like three days! YIKES!


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