PHANTASM(2016) (or Whereas: “I Am Sick Of People Being Sick Of My Shit”)

“If you are not into the wacky hi-jinks then
why the hell are you into this?
Information wants to be free
charged particles expand through space
then bleed through greedy fingers
and explode in your face
I can’t wait.

Fuck yes, I went there. So, some essential context. A) I am obsessed with the World/Inferno Friendship Society (it’s a band, but it’s more than a band) and B) After four years of taking their cut on PWYW sales of Phantasm(2010) (actually, we initially were giving it away for free because of its derivative nature, but DriveThru told us we should charge at least something for it so we went to PWYW), some asshole (I have a strong suspicion who) reported it as a “derivative product” and DriveThru RPG pulled it.

So now it is here forever and for free. Like how Eclipse Phase was so cool to be like “go ahead and pirate our stuff, we don’t care”, only without an option to buy (unless you catch us at a con or we get our shit together with the online store, where we’ve got hard copies we sell at cost). Because my position from day 0 on this was that I didn’t want to make money off of ideas that weren’t mine.

I asked OneBookShelf if they were going to give back the cut of the money they’d gotten for the four years they’d (let me be frank: knowingly) hosted this “derivative product” on their site. I’ve yet to receive a response.

So how’s about 220 pages of RPG, full color, and available right here, for free and forever?


This ENnie Award Nominated Motherfucking Roleplaying Game, Biatch.

Everything janky about Phantasm(2010) should be blamed solely on me: it used to be just a dumb PDF I wrote to sit around a table and roll some dice over because my teenage ass wanted needed to know what the stats for four-barreled shotguns and hunter-killer spheres were. Its nomination for the 2013 ENnie Awards can be SOLELY credited to the LITERALLY INCOMPARABLE Mikaela Barree.

In closing, DriveThruRPG and middlemen everywhere:

“You feel you’re being cheated?
It’s more that you’re not needed.
Isn’t it bad enough I buy shit from WotC?

Your cut is nothing cause I gave it away
Tonight, today, now!

Sound wants to be free
It wants to sing over everything
I know you’ve tried so hard to package joy
You try so hard to sell us things which are already ours
Like the bones in my ears
Like the air in my lungs
And all the things you’ll never know . ..”


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